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This forum share about Properties investment idea. the Strength, Weakness, the Opportunities and also the Treat. How to do investment on Properties, how to manage your Properties Investment. Also make a link among properties Investor..



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    Post by Moonwillow on Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:00 pm

    About Regional Investment

    Before you post please understand and read the General Rules it will help us to maintain the Forum also make others happier.

    This board is here for support each forum member as broker, realtor or Real Estate Investor can post their Properties Listing. In this forum you are FREE to build your link, but still all responsibilities is in your hands. so PLEASE really CAREFULL before you make a coorborating or make a deal.

    Since we all and most of us in Property business, or at least interested with Property and real estate business, I believe there are so many rules and how to coorborating in each country or region.

    Behavior & Attitude
    Be Sincere: You have to sincere when you want to coorborate with people or sell your property. One thing I always remember, your project or works, is not only for today or one hit, but this is Long Term Business Partnership. So maintain it with sincere and honest. And you will have more link.

    Please discuss with the one you want to coorborate with what is the "Rules Play" it is good when all of that written. When you have it is written is a bounding among you and your coorboraters. So please really pay attentention of what is your deal.

    Here you will find some other helpfull International Real Estate Rules and Regulation.

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